Natural Pet Foods in Temecula, CA

Choose a grooming partner that offers a broad array of pet supplies for both dogs and cats, including natural pet foods in Temecula, CA. Our shelves are filled with delicious dog foods, tasty treats, and customized carriers that make traveling fun.

At Butterfield Dog Grooming, our team shares your passion for pet ownership. Every product and pet supply we offer is selected with care because we understand how important your four-legged friend is to your family. We carefully comb through a number of sources to find the products that we would use with our own pets.

Durable Pet Merchandise

You work hard to provide for your family, and you deserve the most value from every dollar you spend. A pet can put any product through the wringer, so we carry durable merchandise that won’t come apart the minute you get home from the store. Each of the appealing treats and affordable pet accessories we sell is sure to provide you and your pet with moments of joy and hours of fun.

Feed Them the Very Best

Talk to the team at our grooming service and tell them more about any dietary restrictions your pets may have. We can identify a series of supplements and treats that fit your needs. Since opening the doors to our pet grooming business in 1985, we have developed a connection with the community. Swing by our establishment and give your special friend a delicious reward for good behavior

Contact us today for natural pet foods and other products your favorite canine is sure to love. We proudly serve pets and their companions in Temecula, California, and surrounding communities.


Dog Playing with Toy, Pet Supplies in Temecula, CA
Dog Bones, Pet Supplies in Temecula, CA

Pet Products

  • Custom Harnesses
  • Dog Toys
  • Pet Beds & Blankets
  • Crate Covers
  • Pet Fashions & Apparel
  • Custom Carriers
  • Cat Tunnels & Toys.

Pet Nutrition

  • Natural Pet Foods
  • Supplements
  • Grain-Free & Low Calorie Foods
  • Designer Treats, Cookies & Cakes
  • Biscuits
  • Natural Chews Treats

Pet Grooming

Partner with a group that provides a full range of cat and dog grooming services and pet spa treatments. Our innovative groomers have the experience you need for nail trimming and dog bathing. Each has the training and talent to feather their hair after a full flea treatment. Your pet will be treated like the king and queen there are with every visit they make to our establishment.

Dog Being Groomed, Dog Bathing in Temecula, CA