Making Pets Happy

More like an urban fashion boutique than pet supply store, we do our best to find the most attractive accessories and finest pet care products.

Pets Are Welcome

Butterfield Dog Grooming is a pet boutique in Temecula offering a fantastic selection of unique pet accessories, supplies, and gourmet treats. We believe that our pets are part of the family and deserve the utmost care and love. So, come in and treat your pet to a little luxury; they will love you for it.


Fostering Your Pet’s Good Health

Your pets are members of your family. And like other family members, you have certain standards for their health, cleanliness, and appearance. As for the health side, your cat or dog requires high-quality food for energy and well-being. Our pet products include natural food, including low-calorie and grain-free options, as well as supplements to meet special needs. Plus, our luxury pet boutique in Temecula, CA, offers gourmet treats to reward your cat or dog for good behavior.

Seeing to a Well-Groomed Appearance

As members of your family, you see to your precious pet’s appearance. This includes cleanliness and appeal. We offer a full menu of grooming services and spa treatments for your cat or dog. Our animal groomers are gentle, efficient, and detail-oriented, making sure Fifi or Fido looks their best after bathing, nail clipping, and hair trimming and feathering.

Our spa treatments are designed to pamper your pet. That way, when your puppy runs around the dog park, he attracts plenty of attention for his good looks. We can also apply color to the body, ears, tail, and/or legs for a festive look.

Pet Necessities & Luxuries

Our boutique is also a fine place to shop for everything from harnesses to beds to crates and carriers. Your pets need their own beds for spaces where they can relax and call their own. Our crates are excellent for use overnight and when you’re out running errands.

We also carry pet clothing. Choose from our stylish and fun apparel. A soft sweater keeps your dog or cat warm, while a pretty dress is perfect for a party or holiday. And, don’t forget about the toys for these keep your pets entertained and healthy.


Contact us today to schedule an appointment for pet grooming. We proudly serve pets and pet parents in Temecula, CA, and the surrounding area.


Stop in to our store at 28780-A Old Town Front St. #8 to see what we have that your pet will love. And, make sure to connect with us on Facebook.